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      Welcome to Zhejiang Chemsyn Pharm Co.,Ltd Website!

      Company culture :
      A. sincerity: To treat customers with sincerity, to keep commitment with trust
      B. rigour: To treat work with rigour, to serve customers with rigour
      C. cooperation and double-win: Common development with staff and workers、customers and suppliers
      Company advantages: 
      A. Perfect quality management 
      A QA/QC team consists of licensed pharmacists and senior chemical analysts, the team has perfect institution, familiarity with business and rich experience of quality management, certification and registration of products. The hardware facilities have 800 m2 of QA/QC center, and various advanced equipments of analysis and detection as IR, UV, HPLC,GC etc. These provide strong guarantee for quality control of products and research ,development of new products.
      B. Stronger ability of research and development
      The company also forms a R&D team led by chemistry Ph.D, the team has rich experience of chemical synthesis and is good at the reactions as sulfonation、ammoniation、condensation、chlorination、cyclization、bromination、diazotization、oxygenation、esterification、hydrogenation and Grignard reaction. 
      The company forms a complete set of independent small pilot laboratory and 500 m2 of pilot workshop with 10,000 grade cleaned area, forms independent ability from R&D to scaled production.
      C. Form a better complete set of conditions
      The company is located in the area of green industry  and  hi-tech enterprises convergency, adjacent to the especially large combined chemical enterprise-Juhua Group Corp., which provides a better complete set of conditions for basic chemical materials, water、electricity、steam、sewage treatment, all of these connect to the factory through pipelines.
      D. Complete facilities of environment protection and safety
      The company makes management strictly according to EHS standards. Main reaction equipments are all equipped with DCS system. The company’s major facilities of environmental protection have the pretreatment system with nanotubes, the treatment system through three-effect concentration evaporation, sewage treatment sets with films through films, the system of end gas absorbed and recycled, the automatic aqueous phase 
      Gaseous phase system monitoring. These facilities strongly guarantee safety and environmental protection for the company.


      Tel:+86-570-8750616, +86-570-8750500 / 8750616 / 8750618
      Fax: +86-570-8750617 / 8750612
      Phone: +86-13705705166,+86-13957009770
      E-mail: jennifer@zcpc.net yqcpc@126.com
      Add: No.36 Huayang Road ,Hi-tech Industry Zone Quzhou City Zhejiang,China